Lilith Trilogie

Erik Odijk.

About the video trilogy Lilith.
Lilith, Far out North # part 1.

Erik Odijk was touched by the natural beauty of the Olterterp Estate in De Friese wouden in the summer of 2016 . In this place he gives free rein to his ideas about Arcadian nature and the sublime, about contrasts between good and evil. Odijk makes connections between age-old themes and the cultivated nature of Olterterp.

Captivated by the mythical beauty of the archipelago of the large forest pond, Odijk made many film recordings. The images evoke longing for the place, but also dualism. On the one hand there is the desire to be absorbed in the mythical-looking landscape. On the other hand, there is awe for the compelling beauty of nature. Or rather, the desire to experience the untamed autonomous forces of nature. The obsession for the compelling beauty of the body and feminine nature is expressed in the film: nature as an aphrodisiac and love serum in this garden of delights. The metaphor as a narrative.

Lilith, Far out North # part 1 is a prelude to a larger film project in which Erik Odijk tries to interpret- and capture the landscape. The garden of delights as the domain of the absolute good and innocent, opposite the dark and uninhibited, is central in this film. With his search Erik Odijk wants to let art seduce the landscape. In response to her own sublime seduction.

Lilith # 2 LOST uses the walk as a follow-up to the “quest”, from place to place, setting for the development of the narrative and continuing sublimation in, among other things, sensual images of nature and the suggestion of an endless forest ... The complex subject of maternal love, consolation and oppression is introduced with the Piëta image.

Lilith # 3 APOPHENÌA as an episode film reworks the themes and leads to agreement and acceptance. Eden is reached, maybe over and over again, but with the final image of the sea I want to say that the horizon keeps moving and the desire wants to follow it instead of accepting a status quo. The conflict between the properties of the archetype is inextricably linked to the fate of man, as in nature it is more a matter of the seasons, the game and indifferent time circles.