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Text fragments and inspirations about HOLODECK.
Erik Odijk.

‘Here I am, in Arnhem, in a landscape, in a hospital, but what I see is some kind of desert landcape…’ (Sir David Attenborough)

It is about conveying an idea through the SF. metaphor (progress) in HOLODECK as in Star trek, the next Generation.

Passage point in the building: In HS. (Hospital Ship) Rijnstate, the HOLODECK has the function of a ‘mindswitch’. While passing, there and back, the encounter with a landscape, a landscape as a metaphor for our (vulnerable) body and the memory of our origins.

Order: Central to this are the Rocks, boulders and stones: First, these stones have been ‘helped’ into a new common place in the HOLODECK. Now the stones can help us with our associations and reflections that arise from the aesthetics of Rocks; their appeal to our unconscious primal feeling and open mind as a result of that other dimension in which man finds himself when he is ill or has a serious illness that requires treatment and care. It is about acceptance and acquiescence, but also about struggle and hope and the surrender to medical technology. A reassuring tone can emerge from that encounter with something natural.

The Rocks provide space for quiet contemplation, the flowering plants give comfort. In the winter season, the landscape can sometimes act as a punch between the eyes from its barrenness. However, it is the reassuring presence of the stones and the warm tones of the sand and soil that are meant to uplift…

In the context of Healing Environment, the stone group shapes a social place.

Landscape as metaphor: Everything in this landscape is a metaphor. The primal force and energy of the stones, witnesses and fundaments of our life. The Sublime rugged landscape as reality, and its vulnerability. HOLODECK is basically a desert.
For what you are about to experience; We humans are nature. The Spaceship is technology in the service of nature (diseases, setbacks, mistakes, imbalance also are manifest in nature).
... this stems from human nature in connection with environment and the effects of that (affected) environment on humans…

The hope in the landscape: Flowers and bushes have been planted. If these plants catch on and survive in this landscape, it will transform into something alive.

No paradise: In the most important season (autumn) we see the beauty of mortification, in winter again desert. The landscape, too, struggles in the wettest city of the Netherlands, in the limitation of soil types, with diseases, -dryness, -the battle of the pigments, -discontinuation and with an imbalance.
In this regard.The projection of ‘disquiet’ is more suitable than a form of ‘denial’.

The glaswall: ‘It looks a bit like a beautfull disease’.
It is an organic technical wall that ‘lives’ through the changing incoming light. This image symbolises the future of healthcare, which will become more and more technical, e.g. Nanotechnology (no longer SF.), Singularity (operating robots).
The image shows the plasma, out of which HOLODECK is created; Mountains and cooperating organisms. The final creation is the landscape garden.

... or you’ll die, it’s time! or you’ll undergo the experiment with medical technology and you’‘ll live…

The care and development of the landscape garden is a measure of the quality of the Healing Environment, which in turn promises a guarantee of the quality of care… and certainly not a diversion. Nature itself is indifferent in all its beauty when it mutates and crosses a boundary. The same has truth concerning technology.
Man is called to deal with this in a ‘philosophical way’.

Nijmegen dd. 7 March 2016.